Becoming Human


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  1. Rachel

    Becoming Human speaks to those in addiction, those obsessed with always “doing”, people looking to make a change in their life, and anyone looking for more peace. John B. Smith takes his readers on a journey through some of his most vulnerable moments of addition and recovery. He is extremely relatable and easy to read. Smith’s ability to speak through some of life’s hardest lessons with humor and sarcasm is refreshing. This book will make you laugh, definitely make you think, could make you cry, and hopefully be a part of your own personal transformation from a human doing to a human being.

  2. Mikael

    I’m a huge fan of John’s writing. He had a great perspective on how we can blend the typically distinct Western & Eastern philosophies: made practical, actionable & accessible. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  3. Jim Gossweiler

    In an eminently readable, conversational style, and with full transparency, John both recounts his personal struggles and triumph over alcoholism. However, most importantly, John distills and presents the range of lessons he learned from his life experiences…and shows that we can too. John not only dislikes life’s status quo, he rebels against it and it appears on every page. John is an engaging public speaker who like no one else can draw you into his world…the world of life examination and renewal.

  4. Shadrack Were

    Good book and easy to read

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